About Us

About Us

we focus on portable vaporizer and vaping device development since 2009

In the year of 2012 we created the brand CigGo and did some famous ODM&OEM vaporizer projects for many famous brands in USA and EU.

In the year of 2013 we decide to create our FyHit Vaporizer series , following months we finished design and launched first FyHit Vaporizer in the year of 2014 based on our rich manufactured and development experience

End of 2014 we launched the world’s first smart vaporizer named FyHit Deluxe and it was a huge success

Early of 2015 we launched the FyHit ECO vaporizer which means economic style.

CigGo Team is a professional team in vaporization field, we cares what you want and what you get, we cares the quality we did for our products, we will lead the whole industry in a new level helps you get better products and service.

Now FyHit vaporizer is a well-known mark in the 420/710 culture community and we will keep our best working for more better devices.